Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

daylight in the city

It's the start of a bright new day as the light finds its way
through the curtains at the end of my night.
I'm alive in a city of dead people rising for work...
And as they ride through the cycle, the machine revving up, 

I feel a little suicidal, just not high enough to jump.
Oh who am I kidding now?
My plan to die young, somehow is just a memory now. 

It's daylight in the city, "just hold me,"
she said, "it's been a long night in the city, just hold me, hold me..." 

# pictures by Eléna taken the 22nd of march in the daylight of the city of Düsseldorf


  1. Hi, hier ist Rosalie ;-) Ich wusste nicht dass du auch Fotos machst !
    Cute blog :-)

  2. ohh toi tu "blog" aussi?? C'est trop cool, je crois que je même connais quelques gens sur tes fotos;)!!! C'est une bonne facon de savoir ce qui se passe dans vos vies à Nantes:)


danke, thx, merci, kiitos, gracias, dank je, grazie, tack, teşekkür ederim, 谢谢, Спасибо... ☺